While we hope you are satisfied with your product, we understand that is not always the case. If you wish to return your product, please click here.

What is your return policy?

We can only issue a refund when we have either received a returned product, have confirmation that a carrier (USPS, FedEx) lost a shipment, or have photo documentation of a defective product. We issue 3 types of refunds:

We will issue a full refund (shipping costs & product costs) if:

  • You received the wrong item
  • The carrier of your package lost the shipment
  • You received a damaged item
  • The product is defective or fails within 30 days of you receiving it

We will issue a product refund (cost of the product) if:

  • You changed your mind or decided you no longer want the product

We will issue a shipping refund if:

  • You ordered a product with express shipping and received it past the date of delivery.

Do you offer exchanges if I ordered the wrong case?

We unfortunately do not offer a direct exchange program. However, you can return the incorrect item and then order the correct item. To ensure you get the right product for your device, see our page on figuring out which phone you own.

How can I return my product?

If you ordered your product from FanBrander.com, click here to generate a return label. We charge a $3 flat fee for return shipping with this method, which is deducted from the final refund amount.

If you ordered from another partner site such as Amazon or Fanatics, you'll need to go through their returns process.

Where can I return my product?

Please direct returns to:

FanBrander Returns

528 N Link Lane #3

Fort Collins, CO 80524

You are responsible for return shipping costs unless a mistake mentioned above applies to your order. You can either send a return with your own postage, or use our return portal here.

When can I return my product?

You can return your product up to 30 days after receiving it. The day you receive it is the day your tracking number shows it was delivered. Returns mailed 30 days after being received will not be accepted.

When can I expect my return to be processed?

We strive to process all returns within 2 business days of receiving them. However, processing returns is an extremely manual process and we may receive hundreds of them after rush periods such as Christmas or summer sales. Please be patient as we do our best to be thorough with each return. 

To expedite the processing of your return, you can write down and message us with your tracking number and ask for a status update.

My return was rejected. What do I do now?

We accept and refund the vast majority of returns. However, we reserve the right to reject a return if the product:

  • Shows obvious signs of use or is damaged
    • includes but is not limited to grease, smears, or scratches
  • Is returned after the 30-day return window

If your return was rejected, we will reach out to you via email and offer to mail the product back to you. If we do not hear from you within 1 business week, the product will be disposed of. Returns mailed 30 days after being received will not be accepted.

How do I make sure my return is accepted?

To ensure your return is accepted, please make sure your product:

  • Is in the original production condition you received it in
  • Is in the original packaging you received it in
  • Is returned with a post-mark within the 30-day return window

You can also take a photograph of your return before you mail it as evidence you returned it in good condition in case the return is rejected.

Have another question? Reach out to us here!